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2017-2020 What neurocognitive learning and memory systems are associated with language development in 9 to 22 month old children?Swedish Research Council (VR), Co-applicant.

2016-2020 Generalizing the disuse hypothesis: age-related sensory decline in the modality of communication leads to poorer episodic

memory but preserved working memory. Swedish Research Council (VR), PI.

2016-2019 The Janus face of auditory distraction: Attention and working memory mechanisms in persons with ADHD. Swedish Research Council (VR), Co-applicant.

2015-2016 Phonology, imitation and communication in individuals with congenital deafblindness [Fonologi, imitation och kommunikation hos individer med medfödd dövblindhet]. Mo Gårds forskningsfond (MoFoF), Co-applicant.

2012-2014 Speech perception in noise by persons with hearing impairment – training of executive functions. FAS, Co-applicant.

2011-2013 Career Research Award.Faculty of Arts & Sciences, LiU.

2010-2013 Cognitive hearing science: Modelling speech understanding using clinically relevant tests. FAS. Co-applicant.

2009-2011 Development of a clinical audiological test to assess listening effort – the Auditory Inference Span Test (AIST). Oticon Foundation, Co-applicant.

2009-2011 Signing up for IT: Linguistic and non-linguistic working memory in the visuospatial domain. FAS, PI.

2009-2011 Linguistic and non-linguistic working memory in the visuospatial domain. RJ. PI.

2008-2010 Sick and tired of listening: aided speech understanding and cognitive spare capacity. FAS. PI.

2006-2008 Rhyme or reason - a cross-modal approach to phonology and arithmetic in working memory. VR. Co-applicant

2006-2008 Training social cognition and working memory for improved literacy in non-native deaf children. FAS. Co-applicant.

2003 Picture span - a method of testing working memory adapted for children and young people with different disabilities. Sunnerdahl Foundation. Co-applicant.

2003-2005 Working memory for sign and speech: Framework, model, and model tests. VR. Co-applicant. 

2002 Mental representation of signed and spoken language. Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation. PI.

2000 Grant for pre-research studies. Linköping University.

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