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Internet, health and clinical psychology research group

Internet, health and clinical psychology research group is located at Linköping university, with national and international collaborations and affiliated members.

The group focus on intervention research on a wide range of clinical conditions such as anxiety and mood disorders and health problems like tinnitus and chronic pain. We also study psychological aspects of health conditions, including cognition, epidemiology and neuropsychology. Several research projects deal with Internet-delivered treatment and assessment in the form of randomized controlled trials.


I AM SAHAInternet-based assessment of mental health among refugees


Mid Sweden University and Linköping University are now carrying out a project to investigate whether a new method can detect symptoms of mental illness among refugees. We hope that our method in the future can help more people get the help they might need.

Read more and participate here.


GothenburgSWEsrii 2020 - the 11th Swedish congress on Internet interventions


Now it's finally time for SWEsrii, the 11th edition of the Swedish Congress on Internet Interventions!
This year, the congress will be held in new, fresh and modern premises in the New Region's House in Gothenburg, literally a stone's throw from Gothenburg Central Station.
As always, Congress is free of charge!
The goal of the congress is to contribute to the development and dissemination of the best psychological internet-based interventions.

But due to the current situation regarding covid-19 we are sorry to announce that we have decided to postpone the SWEsrii conference until the autumn 2020.
We look forward to the conference and hope you all will attend this fall instead! We will get back to you with a new date later on.

Read more about the congress here.


LinnéuniversitetetSWEsrii 2018 - the 10th Swedish congress on Internet interventions


The SWEsrii 2018 congress is hosted on the 9th of November by the Linnaeus University in Växjo. The conference will be a meeting place for researchers, students and clinicians interested in the use of the Internet to measure, diagnose, prevent and treat psychological problems as well as adjacent areas. During one day there will be time for presentations of new research data, discussions, and for meeting old and new friends. The language will be English and researchers and students from any country can submit abstracts and attend the conference.

Read more about the congress here.


LIU CampusSWEsrii 2017 - the 9th Swedish congress on Internet interventions


We have the privilege to organize the SWEsrii 2017 congress, which is hosted on the 3rd of November by the Linköping University. The conference will be a meeting place for researchers, students and clinicians interested in the use of the Internet to measure, diagnose, prevent and treat psychological problems as well as adjacent areas.

Read more about the congress here.


ESRIIThe 4th ESRII Conference in Bergen


We invite you to the 5th ESRII Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The Conference will be held 26-27 of April 2018. We invite researchers to share their knowledge and experiences on using and developing Internet-based interventions. The aim of our conference is to contribute to the development and dissemination of best possible psychological interventions to help people in need.

Read more about the conference here.


SWEsrii 2016 - the 8th Swedish congress on Internet interventions


The SWEsrii 2016 congress is hosted on the 11th of November by the University Health Care Research Centre at the Region Örebro County, and Örebro University. The conference will be a meeting place for researchers, students and clinicians interested in the use of the Internet to measure, diagnose, prevent and treat psychological problems as well as adjacent areas.


The 4th ESRII Conference in Bergen


We invite you to the 4th ESRII Conference in Bergen, Norway. The Conference will be held 22-23 of September 2016 at the at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen.


InsomniaThree out of four escaped sleep problems after receiving CBT via Internet


Researchers at Linköping University together with colleagues from the Karolinska Institutet have shown that CBT via the Internet has a good effect for severe sleep problems, as well as group therapy. The study is published in the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy.


Sverige radioProf. Gerhard Andersson interview on Swedish Radio


Professor Gerhard Andersson was guest of P4's afternoon program on October 27, where he talked about our research area, about depression and how to use the internet for its treatment.

Listen to the interview on P4's website (in Swedish).


The Internet and CBT: a Clinical GuideNew Book: "The Internet and CBT: a Clinical Guide"


Professor Gerhard Andersson has published in october 2014 a new book in English, "The Internet and CBT: A Clinical Guide", which describes how cognitive behavioural therapy can be delivered via the Internet, email, open access programmes, online communities and via smartphone.

Detailing how these alternative methods of CBT support can be integrated within a busy practice, it is invaluable for all CBT clinicians and students wishing to find out more about assessing and supporting people in innovative ways.

You can read more and buy the book here.


Nordiska MedicinprisetProf. Gerhard Andersson awarded the Nordic Council Medicine Prize 2014

The Nordic Council Medicine Prize is one of the largest medicine prices and is awarded annually to one or more scientists as a reward for outstanding scientific achievement.

This year the prize is awarded to Professor Erkki Isometsä, University of Helsinki and Professor Gerhard Andersson, Linköping University and Karolinska Institute and the official award ceremony takes place at the Swedish Society of Medicine in Stockholm on Thursday 4 December 2014.

Read more here (in Swedish).


Gehard Andersson Prof. Gerhard Andersson is the winner of the Great Swedish Psychologist Prize 2014

The Great Psychologist Prize recognizes psychologists whose work contributes to improving the quality of human life and human resource development.

This year's ceremony took place in Stockholm, October 7, 2014 and the winner was Prof. Gerhard Andersson. With his work as practitioner and researcher Gerhard has helped to make psychological therapies available for everyone, even for those who live in places where psychological treatment has been difficult to obtain.


ISRIIISRII 7th Scientific Conference in Valencia

The International Society for Research on Internet Interventions (ISRII) organizes the 7th Scientific Conference in Valencia, 23-25 October 2014.

The three day comprehensive program will span basic design and development, clinical trials, integration of eHealth interventions into healthcare delivery systems, dissemination (distribution and marketing), and policy implications. The goal is to generate vibrant discussion and collaboration both within and across each of these areas.

Some members from our research group will be in Valencia to present our work as well as participate in workshops and scientific exchanges.

For further information please visit the conference website.

Internet & AudiologyWelcome to The First International Meeting on Internet & Audiology

We now invite researchers and other interested people to come to Linköping, Sweden for the First international meeting on Internet & Audiology, which will be held the 3-4 October 2014. This is not a typical conference as there will be no conference fee.

We invite abstracts for short presentations (15 minutes) and the intention is to present new and innovative research and to have space for discussions in this emerging field. The conference will be held at Linköping university and the number of delegates is limited to 120.

For further information and registration please visit the conference website at www.internetaudiology.com.

ESRII conference in Linköping was a success!


The 3-4th of October the second ESRII conference, The European Society for Research on Internet Interventions, was arranged on Vallfarten at Linköping University. ESRII is a nonprofit organization dedicated scientific cooperation in the "eHealth interventions". Approximately 150 people from Sweden, the Netherlands, England and Spain gathered to attend the conference. See pictures from the conference on Per Carlbrings website here, and read the program here.

The research group greets Anna, Elisabeth and Juana welcome!

We welcome three new employes, Anna Geraedts is a Phd from VU in Amsterdam, Elisabeth Ingo investigator who will work within the FAS-IT project and disability science and Juana Maria Breton, professor from universitat Jaume in Spain, will work within the research team during the fall semester in the researchgroup at Linköping University.


Release control - live a good life with tinnitus

Hugo Hesser defended March 25 with "Tinnitus in context. A contemporary contextual behavioral approach" persons fleeing from their emotions, unwanted thoughts, and physiological sensations often suffer from tinnitus. But these people may also have greater joy of treatments based on the acceptance and presence training. Hugo Hesser is a psychologist and newly appointed PhD in disability studies with a specialization in clinical psychology.

Register your interest for psychological treatment via the Internet

On studie.nu you can express your interest to a number of treatment studies that are currently underway or about to be started up at the Departments of Psychology (or equivalent) at Linköping University, Umeå University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University, Örebro University, Lund University and at Karolinska Institutet.
All research projects are examined ethics and participation is always free of liberated.

Internet Treatment for violence victims

Exposure to violence in an intimate relationship is common. The need for medical and psychological support measures to victims is large, both while the relationship is underway and after it ended. Common problems are different anxiety disorders as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.
Socialstyrelsen has approved funds for treatment project for people, both men and women, who have been victims of any form of violence by a partner in a close relationship, and as a result suffers from psychological problems. Participants have continuous contact via the internet with their therapist. The project is led by Professor Gerhard Andersson.


Good response to hearing test online

Going to the dentist to check your teeth and to the optician to test your sight is a common thing to do. But to test your hearing is rarer. Thomas Lunner, Adjunct Professor, Professor Gerhard Andersson and Peter Molander doctoral student, all from IBL at Linköping University is examining a research project on hearing in a simple way can be tested online. A pilot study with 300 participants has started and the response has been good. The results of the hearing screening will be the basis for eight studies with nine LiU researchers engaged, including the Linnaeus Centre Head (Hearing and Deafness) at the Institute for Disability Research. With the project is also Hörselbron and Eriksholm Research Centre. Read more about the project here.

Test your hearing at horselscreening.se

Internet-based therapy for people with domestic violence


The research on the Internet, health and clinical psychology has been commissioned by the National Board to develop Internet-based support and treatment for people with violence in relationships and risk for violence. The mission will start in late 2012 and continue until  2014 and led by Professor Gerhard Andersson.




New article written by: Andersson, E., Enander, J., Andrén, P., Hedman, E., Ljótsson, B., Hursti, T., Bergström, J., Kaldo, V., Lindefors, N., Andersson, G., & Rück, C. (2012). Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder: a randomised controlled trial. Psychological Medicine, 42, 2193-2203.

To take advantage of more articles and books, click here

Approved grants for internet treatment for stress among middle managers

The Internet, health and clinical psychology research group has received funding from FAS for the study i-STRESS, personalized guided CBT therapy via the internet for the treatment of stress-related ill health among middle managers. The study will start in 2012 and continue until 2015 and conducted by Professor Gerhard Andersson, PhD Robert Persson Asplund and Jesper Dagöö.

Older receive therapy via the Internet

More than one in ten people over 65 suffer from depression according to statistics from the National Board of Health and Welfare. Linköping University will, under the direction led by Professor Gerhard Andersson, focus on psychological treatment for older people treatment via the Internet, something that P4 Östergötland attention, listen here and read more at LiU News here (in swedish).

We wish you a nice summer!


Semester at Linköping University has reached its end and the Internet, health and clinical psychology research group wish a happy summer and nice vacation!

Few evidence of tinnitus alarm


Alarming reports that many young people suffer from hearing damage when listening to music are reports reports TV4 Norrköping, Sweden. Gerhard Andersson has been interviewed about the ambiguity of extended music listening actually will result in permanent hearing loss.

Guest researcher


The research team has been visited by Bogdan Tulbure PhD from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. Bogdan will spend two months at Linköping University to work with a social anxiety disorder study over the Internet.

Current research


During the spring semester a large number of research projects are to be implemented by the research group on the Internet, health and clinical psychology with Linköping University, Umeå University, Karolinska Institute. All studies are done over the internet-administered treatment that is ethics-reviewed and free.

Some selected studies:

• Smartphone-administered guided CBT treatment for social anxiety disorder in adults
• Treatment study in Sorani (Kurdish), for Kurds who suffer from depression or depressed mood
• Treatment of depression and anxiety, focusing on your feelings
• Couple therapy for same-sex couples who have difficulty communicating and agreeing
• Treatment for pregnant women suffering from childbirth fear and who are expecting their first child
• Evaluation of Internet-based support system, the treatment will be available via a tablet
• Internet-based CBT treatment, which treats insomnia and implemented in conjunction with primary health care in Östergötland

Learn more current studies through studie.nu


Part of the research group

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