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About us

Head investigator at Linköping University

Gerhard Andersson, professor in clinical psychology, psychotherapist with CBT-orientation and clinical psychologist. Professor Anderssons work covers a range of areas with more than 340 publications including 12 books. His research can be divided into two broad categories. One concerns Internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy, which is a treatment form that has increasingly received empirical support. The other area concerns tinnitus with studies on a range of different aspects including assessment, epidemiology, cognition, brain functioning and treatment. Andersson supervises Ph.D and M.Sc. students and is also clinically active in audiology.
More information and a list of publications can be found at www.gerhardandersson.se

Co- investigator at Stockholm University

Per Carlbring, psychotherapist with CBT-orientation and clinical psychologist, professor in clinical psychology. Carlbring started his research on Internet-based treatment of Panic Disorder in 1999, which developed into a dissertation. On May 19, 2004 Carlbring presented his thesis ("Panic! Its Prevalence, Diagnosis and Treatment via the Internet"). The panic treatment that was developed in conjunction with this thesis is now available via the city council of Stockholm. The main areas of Carlbrings' research is treatment of anxiety, depression and gambling addicitions.


George Vlaescu, maintains and manages the Web sites, databases and communication tools both for the researchers and the participants in the Internet-based studies.

Alexander Alasjö, webmaster. Leave of absence.


Marie Öberg, Ph.D. Research related to the development of new methods for the treatment and evaluation of audiological rehabilitation.

Doctoral students

Kristin Silfvernagel, psychologist. Her main resarch area is tailored Internet-based CBT-treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

Elisabeth Ingo, audiologist. Doctoral student in disability studies.

Kristoffer N T Månsson, licensed psychologist. Kristoffer is involved in functional brain imaging research (fMRI) of Social Anxiety Disorder. His research aims to understand brain mechanisms involved in change due to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Attention Bias Modification (ABM) delivered via the Internet: SOFIE-8. Kristoffer also develops an internet platform (accessible via an iPad) to enhance the delivery of traditional Cognitive Behavior Therapy face-to-face: COMMIT.

Hoa Lypsychologist. Research on smartphone-based psychological treatment for depression.

Jesper Dagöö, licensed psychologist. His main research focus is psychological treatment for anxiety problems delivered through smartphones.

Robert Persson Asplund, licensed psychologist. His main research area is psychological treatment for ajustment disorders (e.g. stress) delivered through smartphones.

Naira Topooco, psychologist. Works in the EU-project E-compared.

Jakob Dahl, psychologist. Main research focus in brain imaging of tinnitus and tinnitus-related cognitive functions.

Peter Molander, licensed psychologist. Doctoral student in disability studies.

Nina Bendelin, licensed psychologist.

Oskar Lundgren, physician.


Affiliated members

Lise Bergman Nordgren, PhD, licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist.

Hugo Hesser, PhD and licensed psychologist.

Robert Johansson, PhD, licensed psychologist , M.Sc. in computer science and in mathematics. He is doing research on Internet-based psychological treatment for depression.

Elisabet Sundewall Thoren, M.Sc. in audiology from Lund University. She is working in various research projects, including one about how cognitive abilities are important for the hearing impaired person.

Thomas Lunner, Ph.D, Adjunct Professor at the Department of Behavioural Science, senior researcher and project manager at Oticon Research Centre 'Eriksholm', Denmark. Main research focus is cognitive hearing sciences, auditory training, technical audiology, psychoacoustics, and hearing aid innovation.

Nils Lindefors, Ph.D, licensed physician, professor in psychiatry at the Karolinska Institute, chief physician, Director of Psychiatry at "Psykiatri Sydväst", Karolinska in Huddinge. Interested in developing Internet applications for clinical practice and in clinical treatment research.

Christian Rück, licensed physician, specialist in psychitary, doctor of medicine.

Jan Bergström, Dr.med. licensed psychologist, licensed  psychotherapist. Temp. lecturer at the Institution of Psychology at Stockholm University. Main research focus: self-help-based treatment, effectiveness, cost efficacy and implementation. 

Malin Gren-Landell, Ph.D, lecturer, licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist. Her research areas cover social phobia and anxiety in children and adolescents. Current studies are Internet treatment of anxiety disorders in adolescents and a descriptive study of school refusal.

Monica Buhrman, PhD and licensed psychologist, Uppsala University.

Erik Hedman, licensed psychologist with. PhD at the Karolinska Institute, STockholm where he conducts research on the Internet Treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy for health anxiety, social anxiety and IBS. Erik's research also focuses on biological and health-economic correlates of treatment outcome. In addition, teach Erik psychology program at the Karolinska Institute.

Fredrik Holländare, licensed psychologist, doktor of medicin at Örebro city council and Örebro University. He is doing research on the care of depression through the Internet. Has made studies of both treatment, relapse prevention and symptom estimates over the Internet for depression patients.

Brjánn Ljótsson, licensed psychologist and PhD. Lecturer at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and teaches in the psychology program. Researcher in cognitive behavior therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and internet treatment for children and adolescents with anxiety.

Mattias Holmqvist Larsson, licensed psychologist, doctoral student.

Linda Jüris, licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, doctoral student at the Department of Neuroscience and Psychiatry, Uppsala University. Examines hyperacisus patients (with extreme sensitivity to everyday sounds) and combines it with CBT-treatment.

Björn Paxling, Ph.D and licensed psychologist.

Vendela Zetterqvist-Westin, Ph.D and licensed psychologist.

Ali Sarkohi, Ph.D and licensed psychologist.

Börje Lech, licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, doctoral student.

Eva Serlachius, Dr. med., psychiatry specialist.

Liv Svirsky, licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist.

Ulrika Thulin, Dr. phil., licensed psychologist and psychotherapist.

Sarah Vigerland, licensed psychologist.

Erik Andersson, licensed psychologist, doctoral student.

Viktor Kaldo, Dr. phil., licensed psychologist.

Katri Nieminen, chief physician, doctoral student.

National and international collaborations

Anna Geraedts, doctorial student, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Juani Bretón López, professor, Universitat Jaume

Cornelia Weise, Ph.D, psychologist and licensed psychotherapist.  University of Marburg, Germany.

Bogdan Tulbure, post-doc Babeş-Bolyai University, Rumania.

Pim Cuijpers, professor, Vrije University, Amsterdam.

Gordon Asmundson, professor, University of Regina, Canada.

Thomas Berger, PD, Dr. phil., Universitaet Bern

Lisa Ekselius, professor, Uppsala University

Tomas Furmark, professor, Uppsala University

Bengt Gerdin, professor, Uppsala University

Mimmie Willebrand, docent, Uppsala University


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Last updated: 2020-10-21