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Fog group

FOG - Field research on Organizations and Groups


FOG is a research network for researchers active within the field of group and organizational psychology. The aim is to offer an arena for discussion and cooperation where members can share new ideas and take advantage of each other’s competences and knowledge.

FOG has existed since the early 1990s, but back then as a research group tied to the Department of Education and Psychology and later, from 2000, to the Department of Behavioural Sciences at Linköping University. In 2004 FOG was transformed into a research network.

» For more on FOG read the Background section

When FOG was transformed from a research group to a research network the organisation was changed.

» For more on this read the Organisation section

Even if FOG includes researchers with different research interests and foci, they have in common a basic outlook on research in the field of group and organisational psychology

» Read more about the Theoretical grounds for FOG

The members of FOG present themselves on their own web pages

» Go to the Members page for a list of names linked to the personal web pages

FOG has a report series in which members publish their research.

» Go to the FOG report page for a list of available reports

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