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Spring, Campus Valla

About the department

At the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning research and education are carried out in Education, Psychology, Sociology, Didactic Science, Disability Studies, Psychotherapy, Adult Learning and HRM/HRD.



Research within the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning takes place within multi-disciplinary research environments and in research groups as well as by single researchers in all of the department's disciplines.



The department has a large number of single-subject courses as well as undergraduate programmes such as the Psychology programme, the Human Resource Management and Work Sciences programme and the Folk High School Teacher Training programme. There are also master level programmes such as the Special Education programme, the Special Teacher education, the Psychotherapy programme and Human Resource Management and Development. Our teaching staff are also involved in the Teacher Training programme, the Cognitive Science programme, the Speech Therapist programme and the Social Work programme. Most of our courses and programmes are taught in Swedish.

Graduate studies are offered in several of the department's disciplines. For more information on graduate studies, visit www.ibl.liu.se/graduate-studies.

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Gerhard Andersson

New journal about internet treatment

Gerhard Anderson, professor of Clinical Psychology at Linköping University, is editor-in-chief of Internet Interventions, a new open access journal about psychological intervention via the internet.

Thought- controlled hearing apparatus in the future

“We hear with our ears but listen with our brains”. That was the theme of this year’s Research Day, about current research in cognitive hearing sciences.

Sushmit Mishra

New test helps hearing impaired

The more crowded an acoustic environment is, the more brain capacity is needed to hear someone talking – and the less there is left for understanding, interpreting and planning an answer. These are the findings of a new thesis from Linköping University.




Vacancies at IBL

PhD student in Disability Research
Last day of application: May 7, 2014

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